Craig Foster

Hi, my name is Craig Foster.

My PictureAs a web/graphic designer for 12+ years, I have worked on hundreds of websites, utilizing many different skill-sets and techniques to provide my clients the services that have been requested of me. I have published websites ranging from the single page personal sites, small local business websites, and large corporation websites consisting of hundreds of pages.

I am also an A+ Certified Computer Technician. I will soon be available for computer repairs, virus removals & tuneups and custom computer builds.


Below is a sample of some of my favourite recent design work.

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Introducing FosterCare – Home Memories Preservation


Do you have VHS tapes laying around with home movies or perhaps your wedding on them? Or maybe you have an old camcorder with a bunch of tapes of childhood memories or special family occasions that you haven’t seen in years.

I can transfer these videos onto DVD for you, to preserve your footage for years to come, and give you the ability to play it back on your modern equipment to enjoy once again.

This service will also make copies of your existing DVDs, with photos or home movies on them, to share with friends or family. I can currently transfer from: VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8, DVD
If you have a format that is not listed here, please contact me.


FosterCare Pricing


Cost for a single source* transfer onto DVD is $25 per disc.

Each DVD includes a printed label, with your choice of title and picture on the disc, and a DVD Case.

For video editing, photo slideshows, additional graphics, DVD Case Printed Labels or other additional services, please contact me.

*Additional charges will apply to copy from multiple sources to one DVD


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Please note that I have no affiliation with or the International Society of Photographers. That is a different Craig Foster. Apparently there is more than one.. who knew.